Life After Birth™
Postpartum Support Circle

Due to unforeseen complications post-birth and challenges during my postpartum transition, I feel called to help women pick up the pieces of their lives and selves after being initiated into motherhood. I created a postpartum support circle called Life After Birth™ in the fall of 2017 to give new moms a place to connect and process their transformation into motherhood. It is my pleasure to hold the space for them each week.

Currently, I’m offering my postpartum circle on Thursdays from 11:30am-12:45pm at WMN Space in Culver City. For more information + to sign up, please contact me ( Scroll down for testimonials.




"Molly is wonderful! She has created a safe, nurturing, supportive space for new mothers going through the joys and challenges of the transition to motherhood. It has allowed me to connect with other moms on this journey and to know I am not alone. Truly a lifeline, I make this a priority for my self care." 


"There are people who touch our lives at certain points on our life’s journey and we are forever grateful for having met them, Molly is one of these people. A few months after giving birth I was feeling alone on the path of motherhood. I was walking in the park with my baby thinking about who I could connect with and it was there that I met Molly who told me about her life after birth group. She appeared like a ray of sunshine from the dark clouds that surrounded me. Her group gave me a sense of hope, peace and community and her transparency, humor, genuineness, and empathy gave me strength and courage in my new role as a mother. Thank you so much Molly for being such an important part of my birth into motherhood."

With much gratitude
Starlite Randall, LCSW


"From the bottom of my heart thank you for holding space for us mamas at WMN Space every Thursday. It’s a highlight of my week and we plan our schedules around this group. Knowing I can show up every week and share my anxieties, fears, and mom-wins without being judged has helped me more than you will ever know." 

-Julie A, SAHM